10 Bostons

In October I completed my 10th Boston Marathon and achieved the $100,000 Lifetime Achievement fundraising level for the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge.  Quite simply, I wouldn’t have run this race this many times or reached this level without the support of my family and friends.

Over the years, I have sent notes, photo cards, magnets and other things to try and show my appreciation for each and every donation.  This year I felt that I should share the true impact this race has had on my life, in my own words.

“10 Bostons” – A Video to share my gratitude

As a “Family” – Team Kroot, Danielle and my DMFC fundraising is approaching the $650,000 mark and while I may not lace up every Marathon Monday in the future – we have many plans to keep raising these necessary funds for this cause.

Thank you doesn’t begin to describe my appreciation for everyone on this list and your support each and every year.

We accomplished an incredible goal together!

Love, Jason

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