why the shoes?

In June 2012, Brian Kroot spoke at a Maine Cancer Foundation event and told the story of the role cancer had played in his life.   At the time, he was in remission and had just celebrated his one year birthday from his stem cell transplant. The theme to his speech was to “put yourself in his shoes”, which he had draped over his shoulder as he spoke.  At this time of the event, he hadn’t recovered enough to run the full 5k and just walked the route.   He ended his speech by lifting up his shoes and said: “Next year at this event, these will be my running shoes.  I’m going to fight like hell to run this 5k, even if it kills me.” One month after this speech, his leukemia relapsed and shortly thereafter we lost him. In his honor, I carry his shoes around my neck every time I walk in a fundraiser or I wear his laces when running in an event.

BK laces Mom hike
BK’S laces at summit of Sugarloaf/USA


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