The history of Team Kroot (formerly known as Team Deb)

In 2008, we started out as Team Deb following Deb’s passing in July of 2008.  I think we created the Team in mid-August and scraped together 9 of us to walk the 5 mile route.  We all stayed in the same hotel, had dinner the night before together and began a tradition that would be continued the first Sunday each September.  We changed the Team name in 2011, after Brian was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Team Deb 08
Team Kroot 2008

In 2013, we upped our game to a total of 103 participants.  Some couldn’t join us that day but still raised money and walked in their respective parts of the globe – we’ve had teammates walking in countries from London to Bahrain and even some walking (well, hiking) in Nepal .  The members of Team Kroot are our closest family and friends who have helped us through the last few years.  This special Sunday of September has become a holiday of sorts, a day where we remember those who we’ve lost and strive forward in their honor.  Each year, we reKROOT more supporters, survivors and still have our pre-walk dinner before.   We now boast a group of 30 walkers who hit the pavement in Hopkinton at 5 AM to make the 26.2 mile trek to Copley Square.

Team Kroot, Nepal
Team Kroot walkers in Nepal


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