Why I run……

While working on getting this site/blog set up over the last month or two, I wanted to make sure the first post was a good one to gain some momentum and grab a good amount of followers.  I decided on the topic a few weeks ago and knew I would write my post right after Thanksgiving.  I had it drafted and was ready to post but wanted to wait until I went out for a run and really kicked off my training.  This run would be coming off a 3 week running hiatus, my longest time off of 2013.

Then this afternoon, I was sitting in a coffee shop just outside of Montpelier and stumbled onto facebook.  There, I saw Liz had posted a picture of her 5 year old son smiling with the caption “another clean MRI for Colin”.   Immediately, I was choked up and even let go a few tears.  The anticipation, stress and emotion that surrounds getting those test results from Dana Farber is something that I know far too well.  As a full time caregiver, I can remember what it was like to cling onto every positive test result while preparing for the disappointment of getting bad news.

Colin is my patient partner who I met last winter while he was undergoing treatments at DFCI.  His treatment has brought him remission and every good piece of news is another step closer to being cured.  It’s the stories and news of a good blood test, a clean MRI, or even an upcoming transplant birthday (Barry’s 1st! and Joanellen’s 3rd! this month) that make every blister, every injury and every mile worth walking or running.  I decided Colin’s story would be the focus of my first entry on this blog.

Later on, when I rolled into the hotel just before midnight in Burlington, I really had the itch to run, which I don’t get too often.  I’ve told many people that I am not a “real” runner and that I’m just a advocate for cancer research who needed an excuse to get in shape.  Despite finishing 3 marathons, I still believe that to be the truth as most of you know I would choose to have skis on my feet over shoes any day of the week.

So, I went out around 1 AM and ran from South Burlington down to Lake Champlain. It was a little cold at 20 degrees but the crisp air and beautifully lit city were more then worth it.  Colin’s news served as the perfect catalyst for me to lace up and kick off my Boston training.  Over the next 4 months, 16 days and 8 hours, I hope to share some stories of the training, fundraising and wonderful cause that is the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge.

Please sign up to follow the blog and Thank you always for your attention, love and support.

– J

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