2014 Walk Wrap Up

Happy Holidays Team Kroot,

I wanted to send off the final message of the year during the holidays, as it is a time where our collective cause has that much more meaning.

Team Kroot xmas 2014

A few weeks back, a few of us attended a dinner for top fundraisers and Captains where the walk announced they had record breaking numbers on participants, teams and total money raised.  I am happy to say that we not only topped our 2013 total of $50,000 but we blew away our goal of $60,000.  Every year when I set the goal, I begin to get nervous but every year our team has pulled together.  The grand Total was $69,328.48.   It truly is amazing.

In my continuing effort to “unbrand” the name we are going to be doing a t-shirt overhaul next year modeled after the Burnheimer Strong shirts.  We want to be able to allow everyone to express and honor the people closest to them, by designing the front of their shirts and will remain a collective unit with Team Kroot on the back of their shirts. I’ll have more info next year on getting this setup.  That said, the goal is to have 125 shirts out there and grow our crew!  Start your rekrooting over the holidays.

A few have inquired so I did want everyone to know that Team Kroot is signed up for the 2015 walk, scheduled for September 20th.  We sincerely appreciate those who considered the walk date when booking wedding venues!

Also new for 2015 will be an expansion of the Team Kroot DC Walk to accommodate friends and family who aren’t in Boston.  I will be present and walking for both….so I expect someone to carry me on Sunday from BC all the way to Copley Square.  Start drawing straws for that assignment…

I am touched every time I look at the amount we have raised and even more so, by the long list of people who are with us every year.  Your support and contributions mean more then I could ever express.

Finally, our thoughts are with those who are experiencing the holidays for the first time without a loved one.   Trav, Lex and I will be raising a glass to you and yours.

See you next year!

Love, Jason

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