February down

February is down and we are inside the 50 day mark until Boston.  The weather has cooperated in astonishing fashion and really just gets all of us runners about the payback we could be seeing on April 18th.  Fingers crossed, it won’t be like last year, or even worse, my 90 degree Boston debut.
While I have been running for Dana Farber for 5 years, my travel schedule has never allowed me to attend a track workout, until this month.  Truthfully, I don’t believe I have run on a track since I completed a beer mile back in college.  While the track session was tough, it was much better then downing a latte every 1/4 mile.  It’s helped me understand how to really work at pushing the pace when doing intervals, etc on my own.
Briefly, I took my training international and was able to get 4 runs in down in Mexico.  The 18 miler I completed in 80 degree heat will likely go down as most miserable as a year.  It really didn’t help that the landscaping guys tossed out the water bottles and GUs that I had strategically planted along my route for hydration.  I had to hop into a gas station and rolled the dice on some Mexican gummy bears with a few pesos I had brought along me.  They actually worked out pretty good for nutrition in a pinch!
By the numbers:
Miles: 98.5   (64.8 in 2015)
Longest run: 18 miles (once in the US and once in Mexico!)
States run in YTD(12): CA, NC, ME, OH, MA, CT, VT, MI, NY, CO, NH and Mexico.
(written March 1st)
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