2013 Top Moments and #s

Happy New Year!

Based on what I’ve seen in the news as of late, you can’t end a year or start another one without doing a “Top something” list. So here’s a quick few.

Top numbers:

$60,201.47 raised between DFMC, walk and MCM Livestrong – It’s a big number but still not nearly enough. I want a 6 figure annual total badly.

39,395 miles driven – Rentals, sibs/friends cars not included. I wonder what I could actually run if I wasn’t ruining my body behind the wheel of a car.

790.3 miles run – yes, I would have tried a touch harder in December had I known I was near 800.

19 States/Countries trained in. 13 of which can be attributed to “work trips”. But I still might need a traveling addiction counselor.

3 months – went 100% veggie despite those “friends” who tried to slip me meat and de-rail me. (Nope, I don’t have an editor for this blog and I refuse to alter the previous phrase.)

2 speaking appearances – Sugarloaf Charity Summit and Maine Cancer Foundation Twilight 5k.  An amazing comment from a survivor: “I’m so sorry that is your story and those had to be your parents, but please keep telling it”

Top moments:

#5 Baby Bro. Helped me with all the training schedule audibles….especially through the injuries, they were plenty. Cracked rib is actually bother me as I type. Helped me at home to allow me to get back on the road(for work and for training). And he also is learning when too much descriptive detail effectively ruins my attention. Oh, and two words WHOLESALE PRICING.

#4 The support. Likely you who is reading this. It came from expected places and many unexpected. It was all appreciated as 2013 really will never be a year I will look back with much fondness. I spent more hours with accountants and lawyers then I likely will for remaining duration of my life. The time I spent running was perhaps even more therapeutic then when I first started running to keep busy when BK was hospitalized for the first half of 2012. There’s also that guy who likely fielded more calls from me in 2013 than he did in the first 25 years he was my “uncle”. He helped keep me sane.

#3 Wasn’t so much of the running but the walking. My Maine crew who has been doing it since 08 is still amazing. My Boston buds continue to commit and step up. But it was the Theta Xi bros who took me by surprise. Never did I expect to be up to 4 am laughing and listening to stories, just an hour and a half before walking 26.2 miles. I was afforded the chance to meet some amazing men I had only seen pictures of and heard tales of my Dad I had never known. It was quite the testament to his life to hear how respected he was from guys who hadn’t seen or talked to him in years. Learning the role he had in shaping some of their futures, lives and careers really rocked me. Hoping this is an annual tradition with the bros, maybe not cracking a half case of wine at 2 am tho? Oh, 100 participants and first year topping $50k was legit.

#2 As I will continue to claim, “I am not a real runner” and I have to say I enjoy “guiding” people from recreational runner to long distance runners. Using the word “coach” would be a little aggressive because a good coach wouldn’t have taken advantage of a Cinco de Mayo booze affair to sign someone up for a marathon. Well, I did. And I realized hugging Fatsie in the finishing area was so much better then achieving my goal.

#1 Being paired up with Colin, a 4 year old DFCI patient and hearing about the successes of his treatments from his Mom. Despite only really having spent a half dozen times together, I get choked up with every picture that his parent’s post online and each positive report he gets back from Dana Farber. Fine, tearing up is more truthful. Most of you know I’m a softie anyhow.  Excited to be paired up with him again!

On tap for 2014…… Getting back on the horse with another PR (Santa, I’ll take a sub 3:30 please), getting more involved with Fundraising and DFCI and continue reKrooting for Sept 21st. I really want 125. If I could smarten up, I’d like to try that whole “negative split” thing too but I have a feeling that’s not happening.

Hope you made it this far. Happy New Year. Get off the computer and go buy some running shoes. – J

PS – Mainers – keep your eyes and ears open – my face that’s made for radio should be making its way onto TV.

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Why I run……

While working on getting this site/blog set up over the last month or two, I wanted to make sure the first post was a good one to gain some momentum and grab a good amount of followers.  I decided on the topic a few weeks ago and knew I would write my post right after Thanksgiving.  I had it drafted and was ready to post but wanted to wait until I went out for a run and really kicked off my training.  This run would be coming off a 3 week running hiatus, my longest time off of 2013.

Then this afternoon, I was sitting in a coffee shop just outside of Montpelier and stumbled onto facebook.  There, I saw Liz had posted a picture of her 5 year old son smiling with the caption “another clean MRI for Colin”.   Immediately, I was choked up and even let go a few tears.  The anticipation, stress and emotion that surrounds getting those test results from Dana Farber is something that I know far too well.  As a full time caregiver, I can remember what it was like to cling onto every positive test result while preparing for the disappointment of getting bad news.

Colin is my patient partner who I met last winter while he was undergoing treatments at DFCI.  His treatment has brought him remission and every good piece of news is another step closer to being cured.  It’s the stories and news of a good blood test, a clean MRI, or even an upcoming transplant birthday (Barry’s 1st! and Joanellen’s 3rd! this month) that make every blister, every injury and every mile worth walking or running.  I decided Colin’s story would be the focus of my first entry on this blog.

Later on, when I rolled into the hotel just before midnight in Burlington, I really had the itch to run, which I don’t get too often.  I’ve told many people that I am not a “real” runner and that I’m just a advocate for cancer research who needed an excuse to get in shape.  Despite finishing 3 marathons, I still believe that to be the truth as most of you know I would choose to have skis on my feet over shoes any day of the week.

So, I went out around 1 AM and ran from South Burlington down to Lake Champlain. It was a little cold at 20 degrees but the crisp air and beautifully lit city were more then worth it.  Colin’s news served as the perfect catalyst for me to lace up and kick off my Boston training.  Over the next 4 months, 16 days and 8 hours, I hope to share some stories of the training, fundraising and wonderful cause that is the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge.

Please sign up to follow the blog and Thank you always for your attention, love and support.

– J

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Finally, it’s up.

After years of contemplating this blog, it’s been born, mostly because of Trav’s help.  I am pretty sure no one is reading this particular post but hopefully this thing will have some actual content sometime before the end of the year.  That is, if it doesn’t start snowing too much.

Let’s see if my clever integration of the word “Kroot” is well received.  I mean, there needs to be some clarification so people finally have an answer to “What is a Kroot?”

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