Season 5

Official entry confirmation for 2016 has been received!

2016 confirm acceptance

I am grateful and excited to be welcomed back onto the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge Team to run my 5th Boston Marathon.   It’s an honor to be accepted out of the 1000+ applicants year after year and it wouldn’t be the same to run the marathon with another team.

While I have made some pretty significant adjustments to my lifestyle in the past (full on vegetarian or pescatarian), this year I plan on doing more to get ready for April 18th.  And this year I hope to be keeping those (which may be very few or well, no one….) who support me more informed of my training and how I am trying to blow 3:28:08 away in just 4 short months.

I will be doing this through my blog and through my Krooting For a Cure Facebook page which will have much more detail and insight to my training, my progress and my goals.  SO IF YOU AREN’T FOLLOWING ME THERE… is the time.  Yes, there will be some to the regular facebook crew but I am trying to limit these as time goes forward.

Again, here you will have to put with my rants about life on the road, how many nights I stay at Marriott and when United upgrades me.  I will make alot of those posts that I regularly cringe at by that kid I kinda used to know in High School and probably should have defriended when I realize I only know his name because we are linked on facebook.  By “liking” my page and following it, you are signing up for all of that… I will certainly understand when my number drops in the coming weeks.  No offense taken.

Happy Holidays to you and yours  – J

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