January in the books

January was awesome, arguably the best training month I’ve ever had. Came into January 1 having controlled the booze and food over second half of December and it paid some big dividends. Incorporated speed workouts when possible, had at least one upper body day per week and only took days off when travel mandated an off day. Feeling good, the “regular” injuries have been kept at bay with some extra PT work, dry needling and many painful massages. February is going to bring me up into the 20 mile run range and hopefully so some 10+ runs at desired marathon pace.
By the numbers:
Miles: 92.5
Jan 2016 – top 5k pace: 6:55/mi
Jan 2015 – top 5k pace: 7:48/mi
Longest run: 16.02 miles.
States run in: CA NC ME OH MA CT VT with workouts in MI, NY and NH. (7-3-10 total)
“Days”: 27
Doubles: 4 days with 2 separate workouts.
Weight: fewest lbs on scale since ’07
This was done while flying plenty of miles in the sky….13 segments for 16,812 in the air. Toss on another 2500 by car.
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